TRC 472 Garmin 1000 - Professional Flight Simulator


The TRC472 Profession with the Garmin 1000 is very simulator to the TRC472 Professional with the Analogue Instruments. The performance will be the same however the obvious difference is that the Analogue Instruments are not there. Instead this Simulator of the Cessna 172 will have the Garmin 1000 Instrument Panel or also known as “Glass Cockpit”. The Garmin 1000 is a sophisticated Instrument/Computer that also contains the Radios for Communications and the Navigational Instruments. The features of the Garmin 1000 are to many to list in this document and complicated to explain however some of the features are Programming a Flight Plan, during flight it can illustrate terrain and it can warn you if the terrain is in your flight path, display charts including airport diagrams to assist you in taxing in non familiar airports.

The main purpose of the TRC472 Profession with the Garmin 1000 simulator is to allow a Student Pilot or Pilot to conduct the utilization and usage of the Garmin 1000 in flight. Virtual Wings will have Desktop Garmin 1000 training devices that the instructor will use for the certification endorsement for this GPS device.

These Simulators have the option to have motion.