TRC 472 Analogue Instruments - Professional Flight Simulator


Simulators have been developed for many reasons. They are used to conduct non normal flight such as emergency procedures, handling weather conditions, learning new type of aircraft performance and most of all practice all procedures. Virtual Wings will use this type of Flight Simulator, the TRC472 to introduce to a Student Pilot “The Aeroplane”. It is very important to allow a student pilot to get familiarized with the cockpit of an aeroplane but most important how the aircraft performs in flight. This simulator in also great for Virtual Wings’ Instructor to evaluate the Student Pilot Behaviour and speed of comprehend. Virtual Wings’ Instructor will initiate the training to a Student Pilot that has never flown before by conducting a classroom course explaining the cockpit and the aircraft before seating in the Simulator. These TRC472 Simulators will also be used for the above mention procedure such as emergency procedures, handling weather conditions but also Instrument Flying (IFR).

The TRC472 is designed to be used in our flight academy to learn students to recognize the function of all instruments present in a fully IFR equipped Cessna 172 Skyhawk aircraft.

The TRC472 Flight Simulator is so realistic that you can hardly tell the difference between the simulator and the real aircraft. Modelled after the popular Cessna 172 Skyhawk, all details are precisely reproduced according to the exact dimensions of the original panel and they can be found in exactly the same position. Using gauges modelled after the original. The TRC472 is the ultimate ab initio training device for student pilots. The TRC472 is a complete training device, with rudder pedals, additional cockpit enclosure, visual and it may have motion base. Training with the TRC472 is extremely close to reality, but much more economic.

The TRC472's gauges are modelled after the original gauges found in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. They are not projected on an LCD screen like other flight simulators, but instead real instruments which behave and move like the original instruments. The exact position of the gauges on the panel boosts the important "panel scan" experience, so that once in the real aircraft, your attention can be fully focussed on flying safely.

The TRC472 is built up to FAA/Canadian Transport/JAA so-called PC-ATD specifications. It will get certification by CASA once in stalled in our academy.

From the moment you start the engine the adventure begins! The key lock has the original 5-positions off, right, left, on and start. All switches are fully functional. The realism of TRC's flight training device TRC 472 gives you the thrill of flying in the real aircraft. Trim wheel (with indicator), throttle, mixture with real leaning positioning and the flap switch, with servo controlled trim indicator, enable you to experience flight training so realistic that will allow you to conduct any single engine flight training.

These Simulators have the option to have motion.