Touch Screen Trainers (TST)


This simulator consists of Computer Touch Screens and they have been place in a Airline Cockpit Configuration Position. Been Computer Touch Screen, it may be configured to represent a particular Airline Cockpit, thus allowing it to be used for the purpose of Airline Aircraft Cockpit Familiarisation. It will also be used as an Initial Airline Pilot Course and Type Endorsements. This Training device may also compliment the Classroom Training Programs of the Flight Management System. A classroom will hold several Flight Management System on desk to allow multi Student/Pilots training.

The TST (Touch Screen Trainer) is a flexible training tool allowing to run a full aircraft simulation on low cost and flexible Touch Screen hardware. The TST can handle more than 50% of required simulator time for a certified type rating (up to 66%), by doing all the ground phase for all procedure training. The same trainer can host various simulations, such as A320, A330, B737-NG, B747-400 and CRJ. Maintenance training is also available.

This flexible trainer can host hardware replicas for CDU/MCDU, MCP/FCU, throttles, control column/side sticks, visual system and others upon request. It is very easy to operate, with ordinary power supply, simple Windows knowledge is enough for all maintenance operations. If necessary, maintenance can be performed remotely through a web connection.

Navigation database from the real aircraft can easily be used in the trainer. CBT or other pedagogic content can be displayed on side screens for increased training efficiency.


Simulation at FFS level (Full Flight Simulator)

Great flexibility

Optimizes training time

“In house “training

Easy maintenance

Increases ground phase quality training

Low operating costs

Malfunction list as in a FFS (Full Flight Simulator)