Pushback Simulator


This simulator is related to the training and practice of Pushing Back an Airliner jet from an Airport Gate.

Aircraft Pushback including Aircraft Towing:

CAA Recommended course

Initial Course 4 day in length,

Maximum class size – 2

Theory and practical training

One day revalidation course recommended every three years

Aircraft Pushback & Tow Training Simulator can provide more cost-effective, solid skills training for your ramp team. New operators can gain the basic and advanced skills they’ll need to be reliable, productive and safe on the job. Experienced operators can demonstrate and hone their abilities in periodic quality assurance testing.

Unlike conventional training, our simulators let you repeat training scenarios as often as required from the safety of the simulator, saving you time and money. The interactive simulator emulates the function and feel of an aircraft pushback truck; excellent for skill training, skill assessment, and skill retention. The trainer is effective, affordable, flexible, and offers a variety of year-round training opportunities. And since the Aircraft Pushback & Tow Training Simulator is part of the L-3 DPA family of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) training applications you can integrate with training for other GSE operators

Simulator Benefits:

Practice with no risk of damage to equipment and aircraft.

Turn 'down time' into training time, any time of year.

Don't wait for an aircraft to become available. Choose from a wide selection with a mere click.

Create custom training scenarios.

Realistic steering, emulating the feel of a real pushback.

Available triple-32" TV display ensures full immersion into training simulation

Trainer Controls:

Touch screen offers flexible gauge placement, with the ability to emulate many different vehicles.

Smart Node Steering emulates the feel and behavior of an actual truck, affording you a truly hands on experience.

Custom 3D Environments:

L-3 DPA's team of talented artists and graphics specialists can recreate your specific airport facilities. Training scenarios instantly become more realistic when training on your home turf. Your simulator can also be designed to include your company's logo and designs.