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Our Simulators

Flight simulation is an artificial re-creation of aircraft flight and various aspects of the flight environment. This includes the equations that govern how aircraft fly, how they react to applications of their more

Our Aircraft

Our Aircraft

Our Fleet of Aircraft has been carefully selected for the utilisation for training pilots from the ab initio stage to Airline Pilots. The different selection of aircraft will allow pilots to obtain the necessary more

Cabin Training

Designed to create a realistic cabin environment for in-flight service training, Spatial’s Cabin Service Trainers (CSTs) are custom-made to replicate any aircraft configuration and cabin layout. Built to the more

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the One-Stop shop for Airline Pilot and Cabin Crew Training. We will provide our services to all Airlines around the World. We are a Full Service aviation organization that creates value and most important we value Safety.

Welcome To Virtual Wings

Virtual Wings Pty Ltd sits on the cusp of something truly amazing. After 3 years of careful planning and comprehensive research, as well as an intimate knowledge of the aviation industry, Virtual Wings (VW) is poised to grab available opportunities and create a substantial business.

The aviation industry is robust, particularly in the Asia Pacific, which is why VW has elected to establish its business in Australia, as that is where the opportunity is most capable of being exploited in the long term. This website will explain VW’s sustainable competitive advantages, which comprise a few of significance, not least Australia’s reputation for being a place of quality and reliability to do business. The fact that Australia sits within the Asia Pacific region has been used purposefully by VW.

Virtual Wings is a Melbourne based company formed specifically to provide Airline Flight Simulator services and cabin training to commercial airlines, but also to anyone wishing to qualify as an Airline pilot. The potential market is large, and VW is essentially focussing on greater Asia, for the following reasons:

Commercial flying is an internationally regulated industry that requires pilots to maintain currency and complete training for emergency procedures at regular intervals. Virtual Wings will provide the mandated training for pilots and crew on current popular types of aircraft in order to attract local and international clients.

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