Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station

The Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station is a complete flight simulation solution for the Garmin G1000 using the actual Garmin Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) displays, yet comes in a small desktop configuration that easily collapses into a convenient carrying case.

All the benefits of Garmin’s G1000 integrated avionics are available only to the well-trained pilot. The Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station by Fidelity Flight Simulation is the smallest, most transportable, and least expensive G1000 training system using actual Garmin components.

Integrated GFC-700 Autopilot

The Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station includes the new Garmin integrated GFC-700 autopilot controls. Navigation, approach, altitude, vertical speed and flight level change operations are all provided. The GFC-700 autopilot also includes the sophisticated vertical navigation (VNV) operations found in the Cessna Nav III configuration, along with control wheel steering and go-around commands. Fidelity Flight Simulation provides all the advanced autopilot capability the Garmin G1000 has to offer.

Full Flight Simulation Environment

The Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station comes complete with a laptop computer and powerful flight simulation software. The laptop can be placed on top of the PFD to double as an external display view. A topographical, airport, and navaid database is provided for the continent of use. The Instructor can place the aircraft in any location, adjust weather conditions, and invoke a wide range of aircraft and G1000 failures. These G1000 malfunctions include GIA 1 or GIA 2, the Air Data Computer, AHRS System, engine/airframe unit, autopilot, and many other faults.

Complete G1000 Training in a Small, Convenient Package

Need to take your flight training on the road? The G1000 Mobile Training Station collapses into a convenient case for easy mobility…around the office, in a business aircraft, on a commercial flight, or by ground shipment. System setup and tear-down can be done in minutes. The mobility and flexibility of the Garmin G1000 Mobile Training Station maximizes training utility and ensures value for your customers and your organization.