Frasca Cessna 172


The Virtual Wings’ Frasca Simulators will be the most Advanced Training Devices then the previous mentioned simulators. It will be configure to perform and look like a Cessna 172. It will be expected that the Certification Endorsement for these devices are going to be high so that they may be used for not only training but to allow a pilot to log normal flight hours flown in this simulators. The quality of the new Sophisticated 220° degree Visual System is very realistic. These Simulators have many other features that other piston type simulators don’t have such as the Controls resistance during flight giving the pilot the real feel of the aircraft during flight.

These simulators will be used in conjunction with the real aircraft to expedite learning, reducing course fees and learning procedures that can not be learned in a real aircraft such as some emergency procedures. These simulators may also be used for Single Engine IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) training, endorsements and renewals.