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Virtual Wings will provide state-of-the-art training facilities, using the latest technologies (in relation to the visual within the simulators, the motion governing the simulators, and the training delivery methods), the best trainers that money can buy, and in a location that is perfect for Asia, where simulator resources are relatively thin on the ground, but where the major growth in aviation activity is occurring.

We are Airline focused and cover complete Professional Pilot Training meaning from ab initio to ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot). We will offer this Training Pilot Program to all airlines from around the world that need new pilots for their fleet. We will cover renewal crew pilot licence for First Officer and Captains. Cabin Crew Training in real Airline Fuselage mock-ups with full motion, Evacuation doors and shoots and full function galley. All Aviation Medical checks will be done in-house as we will have CASA approved medical doctors and fully equipped examination rooms.

Our facilities will operate 24/7 due to the high demand and to facilitate Airlines requirement timing.

Our team has been carefully selected and they comprise of highly trained, committed and passionate individuals who have been hand-picked over many years, all of whom have been selected for specific roles. They all are skilled specialists and CASA certified instructors to provide flying and simulator training. Due to Virtual Wings diversity, the team consist of many different specialised personal skills:

Heavy Airline Cockpit Instructors and CASA approved Examiners

Heavy Airline Cabin Instructors and Examiners

Light Aircraft Instructors and CASA approved Examiners

Classroom Instructors

Flight Simulator Mechanics and Electricians

Executive Pilots



Our senior management team has the depth and breadth of Aviation and corporate experience to drive and grow a training organisation, combined with excellent consultants, designers, technicians and training crew.

eLearning will also be part of some initial program that we will offer to pilots that will require training before seating exams in our facility.

We have selected our aircraft very carefully to cover the Professional Pilot Training from the ab initio training to the complete ATPL Licence, including all the different types of endorsement. The Gulfstream G100 Corporate Jet, will be used for Airline Training and Charter.

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